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DeKalb High School of Technology-South presents students with a uniquely rewarding educational opportunity and experience. All academic programs offered at DHSTS require students and parents (or guardians) to agree to a one-year commitment. The academic year at DHSTS is broken into four instructional Terms, two in the first semester and two in the second semester. Each term is 9 weeks long. Students only take one two-hour course each term. Every CTAE pathway at DHSTS consists of four predetermined courses in the pathway. Over the course of the academic year, students will complete four courses in their pathway and receive four credits.
Along with becoming State of Georgia recognized career pathway completers, students at DHSTS will also earn employable career field certifications. Students in each of our programs complete the Georgia B.E.S.T. Certification and are expected to successfully complete the state required end of pathway assessment (EOPA) for each respective pathway.
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