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Dekalb High School of Technology South

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Healthcare Science
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DHSTS offers students two career pathway options from which to choose. Students pursuing a career in the Healthcare Industry will receive initial exposure to healthcare science skills and attitudes applicable to healthcare including the concepts of health, wellness, and preventive care. Students may select from one of the two following pathways, Nursing or Healthcare Medical. Nursing students learn through a hands-on practical application approach in a laboratory setting. Students learn the fundamentals of patient care and are prepared to enter the workforce with proficient skills and certification.
Students interested Healthcare Medical will receive initial exposure to the fundamental principles, practices, and essential skills used in a therapeutic medicine clinic. This pathway includes both classroom instruction and hands-on laboratory experiences in the development of skills required in therapeutic medicine. Areas of study include career planning, legal and professional ethics, medical terminology, documentation, communication skills, human relations, medical asepsis/infection control, vital signs, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and first aid.
First Aid and CPR
CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)
MOA (Medical Office Assistant)
Georgia B.E.S.T.