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Langley, Monica Headshot

Monica Langley

Wagner, Alisa Headshot

Dr. Alisa M. Wagner

Students wishing to pursue a career in the Healthcare Industry will receive initial exposure to healthcare science skills and attitudes applicable to healthcare including the concepts of health, wellness, and preventive care.

Certification Options:
CPR Certification
CNA Certification


Cummings, Tawanna Headshot

Tawanna Cummings

Students wishing to pursue a career in the area of Therapeutic Medicine will receive initial exposure to the fundamental principles, practices, and essential skills used in a therapeutic medicine clinic. This pathway includes both classroom instruction and hands-on laboratory experiences in the development of skills required in therapeutic medicine. Areas of study include career planning, legal and professional ethics, medical terminology, documentation, communication skills, human relations, medical asepsis/infection control, vital signs, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and first aid.

Certification Options:
CPR Certification
Medical Office Assistant Certification



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